Apple iTablet Rumors, All Wrapped Up Into One Visual Roundup

Okay Apple fanboys and fangirls, this post is for you — all you others, move along.

Now that they're gone, it's time to feast your eyes on this info-packed graphic showing most of the latest Apple iTablet rumors. Never mind that we can't even be sure this alleged tablet will ever even exist, however, as with all things Apple, the rumor mill has taken on a life of its own, showering free advertising down on that revered fruit company from Cupertino.

Be sure to click on the graphic above for a full-sized version, showing you 18 iTablet rumors, along with color-coded assessments of how true they might be. Our take: It'll be like a 10-inch iPhone, no OLED screen, and it'll be overpriced.

Via The Green Room

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