Armed Man Arrested in Vallejo After Posting Threat to Social Media

Suspect showed gun and loaded magazine during live Periscope video

A 20-year-old North Bay man was arrested after posting a troubling video on social media.

Vallejo police said when they first saw the Periscope posting, they feared it could be a copycat of what happened in Cleveland earlier this week, when a man posted a murder on Facebook Live.

The Periscope video shows Christen Brown holding a handgun with a loaded magazine nearby, Vallejo police said.

During the live video while in his car, Brown posted a title: "I need 100 views so I can shoot my 40."

Then he continues to point the gun at the camera.

"Forty is the caliber of the handgun," Vallejo police Capt. John Whitney said. "That's our opinion; he was referring to the caliber."

A Vallejo resident noticed the threat and alerted police on their Facebook page.

The incident comes just days after an Easter Sunday shooting in Cleveland, where gunman Steve Stephens posted video of his fatal shooting of an innocent 74-year-old man.

"We don't want something like that in the city, and that's why we acted on it as quick as we did," Whitney said.

Brown was arrested with the gun in his possession, police said.

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