ATF Agents, Police Raid San Mateo Restaurant, Make Arrests

Federal agents and police raided a San Mateo restaurant Wednesday morning, reportedly making multiple arrests to the surprise of the owners and neighbors.

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the 6 a.m. raid of Los Primos Taqueria was for criminal activity and provided no other details.

The restaurant's owners said they thought they were robbed until they found out ATF agents busted down their front door and used flash bang devices in a dramatic raid.

"Couldn't go through the front door; it was broke," owner Olga Marquez said.

Marquez has owned the restaurant for 23 years and said nothing like this has ever happened before. She said ATF agents made a mess of her restaurant and left search warrant papers indicating they were searching for drugs and pipes and syringes, among other things.

"I think they should've told us before they were coming," Marquez said. "I don't know what they were looking for."

Marquez said neighbors in the apartment complex behind the restaurant told her several people were arrested. She believes one of her employees may have been put in handcuffs.

"They said they're looking for drugs, but we're trying to make people happy with our food," Marquez said.

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