AT&T Wants to Bring Wi-Fi to Palo Alto, iPhone Users

AT&T wants to bring Wi-Fi to downtown Palo Alto for its iPhone and Android users but some in the home of Facebook are not too excited about the proposal.

Palo Alto's Planning and Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing Feb. 23 to discuss AT&T's plans to install two 12-inch-high Wi-Fi antennas on a residential building in Palo Alto.

The antennas would give AT&T iPhone and Android users to Wi-Fi hot spots. It is part of a larger plan by AT&T to set up Wi-Fi access for smartphone users to lighten the load on its data network.

But some residents living in the building where the antennas would be installed are concerned about potential health hazards posed by them.

AT&T points out that the building has been hosting AT&T antennas since 2000.

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