Accused Attackers Blame Audrie Pott's Parents for Teen's Suicide

Accused bullies of dead teen try to turn tables on her parents

It wasn't the bullies at her school that led 15-year-old Audrie Pott to commit suicide, it was at least partly her own parents' fault, according to court documents filed by the attorney for one of the boys accused of bullying the girl, ultimately driving her to take her own life, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The filing was made by lawyer Philip Pereira on behalf of his client, one of the boys who is accused of sexually assaulting Audrie Pott in 2012 when she was passed out after consuming too much alcohol.

Audrie expressed her anguish about the incident in posts on Facebook, then hanged herself and fell comatose Sept. 10, 2012, at her mother's home in Los Altos. She died two days later.

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In Pereira's filings, he claims that Larry Pott is not Audrie's biological father, and that her suicide was "set in motion...years before" by her parents, the newspaper reported.

After she woke up partially naked after a party, with dirty messages scrawled on her body and images of her shared on social media at her high school, the girl hanged herself at her mother's house.

Three of her classmates at Saratoga High School have since been charged in juvenile court.

Legal experts told the newspaper that the gambit could backfire.

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