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Authorities Take Down Illegal Gaming Operations in San Jose

Dozens of illegal gambling machines and cash were seized during the operations, according to police

A coordinated investigation targeting illegal gaming operations in San Jose has resulted in numerous arrests along with the seizures of gambling machines and cash, according to police.

Five business owners and employees have been arrested for possessing illegal gambling machines and other gambling-related crimes, police stated Thursday. A grand total of 51 illegal gambling machines in addition to roughly $75,000 in cash have also been snatched by authorities.

The arrests and seizures stem from search warrants carried out at a number of businesses across the South Bay City, according to police. Those businesses are located along the 2100 block of Morrill Avenue, the 100 Block of Senter Road, the 1700 block of McKee Road, the 90th block of N. 14th Street and the 2600 block of Cropley Avenue.

Department of Justice officers also executed two additional search warrants along the 900 block of Story Road and the 2000 block of Million Court, according to police. Authorities uncovered 13 illegal gambling devices and $280,566 believed to connected to illegal gambling.

"Gangs and organized crime groups, they like these kinds of businesses because the are extremely lucrative," said San Jose Police Department Vice Unit.

On N. 14th Street, police say a nail shop was a front for a casino that operated as a marijuana shop before giving way to gambling.

"People would go to buy their marijuana and then walk down the street to try to sell it to the kids," said neighbor Vince Thayer. "So that has always been a problematic area."

Authorities are expected to investigate additional businesses that conduct illegal gambling activities or house illegal gambling machines, according to police.

"We know we have more work to do in shutting down criminal enterprises that are impacting our community," San Jose Police Lieutenant Paul Messier said in a statement. "We are asking for anyone with information about additional locations where illegal gaming and other related crimes are occurring to call our tip line at 408-277-3422."

Those wanting to remain anonymous are encouraged to call 408-947-7867.

"Definitely brings the wrong crowd around town, especially to this side of the neighborhood," said Thayer.

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