Ayesha Curry is Done with Your LeBron James Photoshops

Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, has had it with your LeBron James photoshops. 

Following the Warriors' devastating loss in the NBA Finals against the Clevelend Cavaliers, many Twitter users have been poking fun at the Currys by tweeting doctored images of their family photos. A sweeping majority of those photoshops feature James' face superimposed above Steph's, or Michael Jordan replacing Ayesha's.  

Like this one: 

And this one:

Her mentions have been flooded with the pics since Game 7, and it appears she's done staying silent. The mother of two and cooking connoisseur clapped back at her trollers on Sunday, calling the pictures offensive to both her family and the James family.

As many could have predicted, those new tweets were met with a flurry of new photoshops. It didn't seem to faze Curry, who then tweeted about the "Beautiful Bay day." As they say, haters gonna hate.

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