Baby GG Park Bison Dies

Person walking the dog who got loose in the bison haddock was ticketed.

There is sad news out of Golden Gate Park concerning one of the new bison.

The bison was injured after it got spooked by a dog who got loose inside the bison enclosure Wednesday morning.

By nightfall, that young bison had died from his injuries, according to city officials.

The bison apparently rammed into the electric fence while running from the little dog described as a "toy breed." 

According to SF Zoo officials, a post-mortem exam showed the exterior of the bison was in good shape, but had large skin and muscle lacerations, in addition to three broken ribs, bruising on the chest and sternum, and blood in the left chest cavity.

The dog owner was cited for failing to use a leash. When park patrol officers arrived on the scene Wednesday morning they said the owner was coaxing the little dog out of the area and said he burrowed under the fence without injury. It is assumed the dog got in there the same way.

The Bison herd has existed in Golden Gate Park since 1877, and in its current location since 1899.  In 2007, the paddock fencing was upgraded in consultation with the zoo. 

In Fall of 2011, the paddock service area was renovated in preparation for the arrival if the seven young Bison who arrived at the end of last year.

The rest of the herd are currently under quarantine.

Below is video from the recent bison arrivals to Golden Gate Park.


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