San Jose

Baby Wallaby Emerges From Mother's Pouch at San Jose Zoo

A young Parma wallaby has made its first appearance in its mother's pouch at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, zoo officials announced Tuesday.

The baby was jelly-bean sized and likely born in February, but zoo Manager Kevin Hertell said wallaby joeys don't usually peek out of the pouch until several months after their birth.

Hertell said the newcomer will be hopping around the park in about a month. So far, it has showed its head, feet and tail, and will eventually grow to become 7 to 12 pounds and about 20 inches tall.

Wallabies belong to the same genus as the Red Kangaroo but only grow to about one-tenth of the kangaroo's size. The San Jose zoo currently has two adult Parma wallabies, in addition to the joey, and has been a home to the animal for 24 years.

The wallaby was listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1970, soon after a small population of the animals near New Zealand debunked the notion that they were extinct.

Wallabies from the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo have traveled to animal centers all across the world and the new joey will be raised in a cooperative breeding program, according to zoo officials.

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