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Bankruptcy Judge Extends PG&E Fire Claim Deadline to Dec. 31

A federal bankruptcy judge in San Francisco on Tuesday officially approved a new Dec. 31 deadline for fire victims to file claims for harm suffered in the 2017 and 2018 North Bay wildfires allegedly caused by failures of PG&E electrical equipment.

The original deadline was Oct. 21. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali signed the order for the deadline extension after the utility and lawyers for fire victims agreed on the new date.

Montali is overseeing PG&E's Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, in which the utility is seeking a financial reorganization plan in the face of billions of dollars of potential liability for the fires.

Montali on Tuesday also appointed a special claims representative, Michael Kasolas, to identify potential claimants who have not yet filed claims and to assist them in filing.

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