BART to Phase Out Free Parking at Remaining Four Stations

BART will start phasing out free parking Monday at the remaining four stations that do not charge commuters for leaving their cars there all day.

Twenty-nine BART stations currently require commuters to pay a fee for parking during the week.

New signs at the Concord Station went up this week, telling customers they will have to pay $1 to leave their vehicle there starting Monday. It will work like the other stations where customers have to remember their stall number and then pay once they enter the gates.

BART started charging for parking back in 2005 because the lots were filling up so fast and so early, hoping to encourage people to find another way to BART.

Four stations remain fee-free, but Concord’s new charge begins on Monday, and it is getting mixed reviews.

“It’s unfortunate because BART is expensive to begin with, so not really necessarily happy with it,” commuter Alek Boskovich said.

“Other stations charge, and so since this is the last one, it was inevitable it was going to happen,” another commuter Mary MacMaster said.

In November, the three stations that are free will also begin charging. These include: North Concord, Hayward, and the Oakland Coliseum.

But remember, this is only for commuters.

Parking is still free after 3 p.m. and on weekends and holidays.

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