Bay Area Gives President Barack Obama $3.5 Million

Barack Obama makes his second Silicon Valley trip in six months to raise money for his campaign

With questions coming in at a rate of one every five seconds ahead of President Barack Obama's town hall at LinkedIn Monday, there is definitely interest in the president in Silicon Valley.

But with the president reeling from the sting of Solyndra and a struggling economy, can he turn that interest into the dollars he will need ahead of next year's election?

It appears so.

Mr. Obama raised between $3.5 million to $5.5 million at two Bay Area fundraisers Sunday, according to The Oakland Tribune.

The president held back-to-back fundraisers at the Woodside home of Symantec chairman John Thompson and the Atherton home of Facebook CFO Sheryl Sandberg.

Mr. Obama has made six visits to the Bay Area since taking office and this is his second trip here in the past six months.

The Bay Area, and Silicon Valley in particular, have been a cash cow for the president. Mr. Obama raised more than $35.5 million  for his first run at president.

His visits also attract big names to his events. Sunday Lady Gaga paid $38,500 to meet with the president.

Monday he will sit down with LinkedIn to host a town hall answering questions.

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