Bay Area Hot, Hot, Hot Another Day

Another heat advisory in effect

No, you didn't fall asleep in April and wake up in the middle of August.

Even though the calendar says it's still spring, it will feel like late summer around the Bay Area today, sunny, hot and fog free. For the second day in a row, the Santa Clara Valley area is under a heat advisory from noon to 7PM.

Temperatures are expected to reach into the lower to mid 90s. The 5 mph breeze might feel good if you're wet.

 The South Bay will once again experience the highest temperatures,  with San Jose expected to reach 93 degrees, possibly surpassing the record of  91 set in 1987. Gilroy will once again claim the warmest city mark with a  high of 94 degrees, the hottest the city has been on this date since 1986.

Add "muggy" to the description of today's weather, NBC Bay Area meteorologist Craig Herrera says.  Herrera says we'll see some high clouds over the Bay Area that will come up from the south, a warm and moist source, which will add to the relative humidity, hence that uncomfortable "muggy" feel Tuesday. 

Herrera did say a weak sea breeze will take the edge of the heat, but only along the coast Tuesday. 

The air Quality Management District has declared a Spare  the Air advisory for Tuesday, the second Spare the Air Day in a row.  We typically get the Spare The Air days in May.

The air district also issued advisories to warn people living in the East Bay Interior communities of  unhealthy levels of smog, which can cause throat irritation, congestion and  chest pain.

If possible, pets should be kept inside and have fresh water available at all times.

The SPCA is also reminding pet owners not to leave animals in cars. Even with the windows open, the inside of a car can reach more than 120  degrees in less than five minutes, which can cause pets to suffer seizures, brain damage and death.

If you're looking for a fun way to cool off, try some free ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.

Cooling should get under way on Wednesday as that sea breeze gets stronger and makes a nice dent on the heat.  

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