Bay Area's Caffeine Buzz

It's not hard to be caffeinated in the Bay Area.

With the likes of Blue Bottle, Ritual Coffee and Cafe Trieste, the Bay Area is blessed with some of the best coffeehouses in the country. Don't believe us? Just ask GQ.

Thus it comes as no surprise that two Bay Area cities rank amongst the top five of the country's most caffeinated cities in the country, according to the Daily Beast. But the order of the ranking may surprise some.

The Daily Beast ranked the cities based on how many coffee shops per capita each city has along with how much money on average citizens spend sipping black gold.

Based on this criteria the web magazine crowned Seattle as the most caffeinated city in the country followed by Portland, San Jose, Denver and San Francisco.

San Jose beating out San Francisco makes sense with all its strung up techies. And they never said they were looking at quality.

[Via SFGate]

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