South Bay

Bay Area's Jason Baca Retires After 630 Romance Novel Covers

The Bay Area has seen its fair share of famous actors, athletes and chefs. But did you know that the South Bay is home to Jason Baca, who's been on more romance novel covers than Fabio himself?

Baca has graced the cover of 630 romance novels. He’s a Los Gatos native, and says he wanted to start modeling after seeing a show featuring Fabio. He works out for an hour six days a week to keep his body in shape and mostly eats egg whites, tuna, and cottage cheese. Baca says after 11 years of romance novel modeling, it's time for him to pass the throne onto other models out there.

"I want to be able to live a normal life and be like 'hey tonight I'm going to go have some pasta,' enjoy things a little bit with my family," Baca said.

The cover model who resides in Saratoga already has a day job at the Santa Clara County Housing Authority.

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