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Bay Area Police Brace for Protests Ahead of Trump's Inauguration

Protesters in the Bay Area are preparing for several demonstrations ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration.

One of the planned demonstrations will start Saturday in San Jose. The rally will coincide with similar immigration rallies across the nation before Trump is official sworn in as president.

Organizers said the rallies on Saturday and next week will be peaceful. San Jose police are also on alert and said they will be ready for the demonstrations.

"We're not going to tolerate violence," San Jose Police Department spokesman Albert Morales said. "That is something that is not going to happen."

Anti-Trump protests in San Jose over the summer made national headlines for turning violent. Police said they are working with organizers of two scheduled protest during inauguration weekend.

Police realize people not affiliated with the groups protesting could still show up and cause trouble.

"There are some lessons learned, and we are implementing those in our training," Morales said. "We will be prepared."

On Inauguration Day, the Sacred Heart Community Services agency will be holding a so-called teach-in, training people how to fight for the rights of the undocumented and under served.

But the agency said it too will not tolerate violence.

"Sometimes we have to be very strong," said Eunice Hernandez with Sacred Heart. "But you can't use violence because it doesn't help anything."

Sacred Heart vows to be peaceful, but vocal during the four years of Trump's presidency.

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