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Real Estate Website Helps Residents Looking to Move Out of Bay Area

A group of real estate professionals have launched a website to help residents who plan to leave the Bay Area.

Scott Fuller created LeavingTheBayArea.com, a website that was founded to help Bay Area home-owners sell their homes and find another.

“We’ve really found that there’s been a lot of people who have been looking to make the move out of the Bay Area, but they weren’t quite sure what resources were available or quite how to do it,” Fuller said.

Launched in early 2018, the website consists of top-rated realtors throughout the Bay Area and the U.S. 

"The agents we have chosen to work with are not all with the same brokerage, we have hand chosen the top agents who understand our relocation model and how to best serve our clients," Fuller said.

The site aims to help residents simplify the process of selling their home, purchasing elsewhere and managing the move details.

A large portion of Fuller’s clients are recent or current retirees who are looking to relocate to cities with lower and favorable tax laws.

“A good portion of the people we’re helping have retired recently or are close to retirement. In a lot of situations maybe they’re empty nesters, their kids have moved away and they are looking to potentially even follow their kids,” Fuller said.

Most Bay Area retirees have relocated to cities in the greater Sacramento area like El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Roseville, Fuller said.

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