Bay Area Rents Highest in Nation

Bay Area rents are the nation's too damn highest.

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Finally, the Bay Area has something it can truly lord over on New York.

Our rents are too damn high.

Rental prices in San Francisco, Marin County and the Peninsula are the highest in the United States, according to the San Francisco Business Times, which didn't stop there: Rents here are "astronomical," the paper exclaimed.

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,905 a month, according to a report from the National Low Income Coalition. In order to afford that, a renter needs an income of $76,200, according to the report.

So how YOU doing? Better than two-thirds of the populace, if you can afford it: such rents put the average place out of reach for 64 percent of renters, according to the report.

The San Francisco Business Times built us all a cool-looking widget that breaks down the situation county-by-county. It even tells you the hourly rate needed to make rent: in San Francisco, it's $36.33. Maybe now is time to ask for a raise.

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