Bay Area Revelations: Sexual Revolutionaries

[BAY]Sexual Revolutionaries Join us Saturday, September 29th at 10 p.m. for our newest installment of "Bay Area Revelations: Sexual Revolutionaries." In this one-hour prime time special, we'll profile how business owners, an activist and a musician challenged the traditional code of behavior to be a part of a sexual revolution. Find out which pivotal moments in San Francisco's history transformed it from a "wild west" town during the Gold Rush, to a conservative Irish-Catholic city to today's modern Bay Area. From free loving hippies to adult porn to same-sex marriage, the people of the Bay Area have pushed the boundaries for the right to express themselves freely and to live their truest lives.

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3 Hours in 3 Minutes:

Watch Sister Roma’s Amazing Makeup Transformation

The Condor

Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra and Sean Connery: The story behind the celebrities that flocked to the Condor, the night club that dominated San Francisco’s Broadway.

Hidden History

Sexologist Carol Queen gives a brief history of vibrators, from steam-powered machine to intimate home gadget.

Sister Roma

Sister Roma discusses the wide range of reactions she gets in public walking in one block.


Pornographer's Daughter

Liberty Mitchell shares stories from her childhood, as the daughter of Artie Mitchell of the famous Mitchell Brothers.

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Prostitute Quarantine

Historian Josh Sides discusses San Francisco's 1941 prostitution quarantine policy.

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