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Bay Area Road Conditions Improve Slightly in 2016: Report

San Francisco Bay Area road conditions improved slightly last year, according to data released Monday by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The average pavement condition index score for the region's 43,000 lane-miles of streets and roads was 67 out of a possible 100 points.

That's up one point from the average in 2015 and each of the previous six years, commission officials said.

The index is calculated as a three-year moving average.

In a statement, MTC Chair Jake Mackenzie said, "MTC's goal is to boost the average PCI score on local streets and roads to 75 points or higher." Mackenzie is also the mayor of Rohnert Park.

A score of 90 points or higher means a jurisdiction's roads are in "excellent" shape, which indicates the roads show little or no distress.

A score in the 80 to 89 range means the roads are in "very good" condition, while a score between 70 and 79 means the roads are in "good" condition.

A score between 60 and 69 means a jurisdiction's roads are in "fair" shape, which indicates that rehabilitation may be needed to stop rapid deterioration.

A score below 60 means the roads are "at-risk."

Mackenzie said, "What's really encouraging is that cities and counties will receive half of the new money from the gas tax increase and other elements of the Senate Bill 1 transportation package signed into law earlier this year; and that these funds will begin arriving this November."

Among the area's largest cities, San Jose's roads were given a score of 62 while San Francisco's roads were given a score of 68. The roads in Oakland were given a score of 56.

Dublin's roads were the best in the Bay Area with a score of 85.

The worst roads in the Bay Area were in the Marin County city of Larkspur.

The roads in Larkspur were given a score of 41, which indicates the roads are in "poor" shape.

The roads in East Palo Alto improved the most last year. The city's score rose 15 points to 72.

MTC officials will recognize the efforts of Dublin and East Palo Alto workers and officials later this year.

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