Bay Area Students Go Robotic

Meet the next generation of engineers

The FIRST Robotics competition kicks off its Bay Area run Friday, with hundreds of young people competing with dozens of cutting-edge robots designed and created by the students themselves.

The San Jose State University Events Center will be loud, crazy, visual, and a great place to check out the next generation of Silicon Valley engineers.

Fittingly, lots of tech companies get involved in FIRST. They do it to support science, math, and engineering. But they're also there to recruit.

Yes, the students are a little young to start working at companies (at least by a few years), but contests like this one spur interest, and from that interest comes future careers.

Check 'em out while you can see their work without an appointment. The FIRST competition runs through saturday.

Scott, humbled by these students, is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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