Bay Area Woman “Brought Back to Life”

A Morgan Hill mother is recounting her experience after doctors say "she died"

A South Bay woman is alive and well after doctors said she was technically dead.

Early on the morning of Aug. 12, Jennifer Trejo’s heart suddenly stopped beating while she was at home in Morgan Hill with her husband.

"She died,” Dr. Sanjay Bindra of Regional Medical Center in San Jose said. “She was resuscitated by her husband. And the paramedics responded immediately within two minutes. She was successfully defibrillated, brought back to life."

Doctors say the 32-year-old Morgan Hill woman suffers from a heart condition with longer-than-average pauses between beats.

Trejo said, during the time she was technically “dead,” she saw her late father, a vision that drew comfort, then tears. “Seeing my dad, and him saying, ‘It's okay Peanut, you're gonna be okay’” was “probably the most positive thing that I saw.”

Trejo’s husband Effren and their 5-year-old son Evan are grateful. "The thought of being a single father without her, seeing the things that she would miss out on, seeing some of the things her father missed out on, would break my heart,” Effren Trejo said.

"Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen to me,” Jennifer Trejo said. “So going through this and still being here, I definitely will cherish each day and each moment."

Trejo's chances are helped by a new monitoring wireless defibrillator inserted under the skin near her arm. Regional Medical Center is the only South Bay hospital to use it.

While she appreciates her new device, Trejo credits her husband's CPR for saving her life, and she hopes it will encourage other people to get training.

Editor's note: An earlier verison of this story said the woman's heart stopped beating at the hospital.

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