BBQ Works at SXSW, Flip Flops Don't

Bay Area photographer writes for nation's largest indy fest

First off, flat sandals are not a good look.  My feet - kiiiilllling me.  But maybe that's because I walked clear across downtown Austin about 12 times, or something like that.

I started off the day with a photo shoot with Donwill of Brooklyn based rap group, Tanya Morgan.  Afterwards, I already felt myself off-course, having missed an opportunity for free BBQ at Ironworks, so I decided to grab my wristband and hit the streets.

Sixth Street in Austin is reminiscent of a Berkeley Telegraph - young-people-cool, slightly rough around the edges, and perfect for a midday stroll.

First stop was a MySpace Music/Spin Magazine event, then some yumminess at Daddy's Grill & Bar with pals I just happened to run into on the street (this became a common trend).

Texas does meat so right; Although we just had burgers and the-best-buffalo-wings-ever, word on the streets is that you can get turkey drumsticks out here, too.

Walking the streets was an experience all it's own - high fives from strangers, indie-star spottings (Nate James, a UK soul singer, DJ/producer Diplo, underground hip-hop lanky-tastic cutie Blu), underwear and fishnet-clad photo shoots, and ice cream trucks, amongst other rad-ness.

My friends just hit the streets without me and I still have yet to get ready (go late nights), so I'll just give a quick rundown of the shows I saw yesterday.

Lookout for my takes on the performances in the final roundup.  Colin Munroe (a slightly rocked out, autotuney singer boy), K'Naan (a Somalian hip-hop delight), Alice Russell (sassy UK soul singer extraordinaire), Janelle Monae (electro-funky soulstress), and Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn-based rap trio on the Oakland-based Interdependent Media label). More soon, y'all.  Peace!

Seher Sikandar is a Bay Area-based photographer and graphic designer who shoots and writes about everything music and arts in the Bay Area.  She is shooting the SXSW Festival for NBC Bay Area and is Twittering for us as well as sending daily journals. See more of her work on her Web site.

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