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Bee Swarming Season in San Francisco

Bee keepers in San Francisco are warning residents about the recent swarm of bees in the city and educating them on what to do if coming across them again.

A video posted on the internet Monday showed a large swarm of honeybees in San Francisco and residents became concerned.

"I noticed that the bees were taking off really quickly taking to the skies," said Chaney Kwak. "The colony was expanding really fast and the queen was making a lot of babies so I added another box to give them more room."

Kwak has been an amateur bee keeper for two years and saw bees landing in a tree and then moved the mass to his neighbors bush on Monday.

"I was just really stunned by it," said Kwak. "Really a beautiful sight, it can be intimidating but they're super gentle usually to begin when they're swarming they’re very docile so I watched and then I called the swarm hotline."

Paul Koski is a member of the San Francisco Bee Keepers Association and was among those who responded to the scene.

"Colonies are growing in size in the warm spring and early summer," Koski said. "They’re growing in size and they will run out of room to raise newbies."

He said the bees are looking for a new home this time of year, when calls about bee swarms start to boom. That is when his team bring equipment out and they try to move the hives to a suitable place once the bees settle.

"They’re really at risk, they’re harmless unless you swat them or somehow disturb them," Koski said.

He said it can be alarming for someone who doesn’t know what’s going on, but they’re docile and advices not to kill them, spray them or swat them.

"All I wanted to say was people shouldn’t panic they shouldn’t kill the honey bees they should call to get experts to come out," Koski said.

San Francisco residents can call 99-SWARM to have the San Francisco Bee Keepers Association come out and help.

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