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Ben & Jerry's Delivers Free Ice Cream in Tesla on “Save Our Swirled” Tour to Promote Climate Change Awareness

Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s is taking a road trip Silicon Valley-style in a Tesla that delivers free ice-cream. 

Ben & Jerry’s hopes that free sweet treats from their $80,000 Fremont-made electric vehicle will rally folks to take a stand against climate change. 

The ice-cream bearing Tesla will be in San Francisco from May 8 through May 29. Have a hankering for free scoops? Just Tweet to Ben & Jerry’s and the Tesla might just come to your doorstep.  

Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, told New England Cable News that the ice-cream toting Tesla is, “by far, the fanciest delivery vehicle we’ve ever had.”

 NECN also reported that Ben & Jerry’s removed the back seat of their custom-made Tesla to fit enough ice cream for 1,500 samples.  The Ben & Jerry’s Tesla will tour around the country from San Diego to Miami as part of their #SaveOurSwirled tour which starts in April and runs through Halloween.

While ice cream is it's main business, Ben and Jerry's wants customers to know that protecting the planet is a top company priority. “We have to take action now, this is the most urgent thing we’re working on,” said Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim of the comapny's push to encourage people to take action against climate change.

Ben & Jerry’s is partnering with the international grassroots activist group Avaaz for this summer's #SaveOurSwirled tour. Ben & Jerry’s has made a habit of pairing ice cream and activism, it has thrown its sweet influence behind sustainability, legalizing gay marriage, and Occupy Wall Street.

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