Bernie Sanders Billboards Pop Up In Bay Area

The presidential campaign is officially on in California, and the signs are here to prove it. 

A crop of  billboards promoting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have been sighted in the San Francisco and Oakland area this week. All told, there are five dispersed throughout both regions. There's even a digital display at the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. 

The red signs, paid for by the California Nurses Association, say "The People's Candidate" and feature an outline of Sanders' trademark scruffy hair and spectacles. 

Although Hillary Clinton billboards have yet to make an appearance, members of the Clinton family have. This past weekend, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton dropped by UC Berkeley and an Oakland school campus to talk about the importance of education. 

According to NBC Bay Area's political analyst Larry Gerston, these campaign stops have been made in the Sunshine State in large part to California's growing importance in the presidential election. For Sanders, a solid win in the state could mean closing a wide delegate gap between him and Clinton.  

"Sanders invested some money in California because he thinks he has a shot," Gerston said. "The longer this thing goes on, the larger California looms and as long as the Sanders people believe that they've got a mathematical path to victory, they're going to be putting more and more resources in this election." 

California's presidential primary will be held on June 7. 

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