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Bernie Sanders Stumps to Young Techies in Palo Alto

On the third straight day of his Bay Area swing, Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop in Palo Alto on Wednesday, to reach out to young techies in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Thousands showed up to get a glimpse of the Democratic presidential hopeful, some coming from as far away as Los Angeles.

"It was completely worth it," Michael Hsu said. "I was able to speak with him as he was leaving, and I shook his hand and just said my thoughts, and he loved it. He even gave me a hug."

Sanders said young people are getting more involved in the political process. He told techies he needs their skills to battle income inequality and climate change.

"You can help lead this country in nreakthrough technologies that can transform out energy system," he told the gathering.

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Sanders said, "I think the message to Silicon Valley is it really is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics," Sanders said.

He also added that he's still playing to win the Democratic nomination.

"Right now, that is my focus, to do as well as we can June 7," he said.

A new NBC Bay Area Field Poll on the California primary shows Sanders trailing his opponent Hillary Clinton by just 2 percentage points among likely Democratic voters in the state.

The poll also shows how each of the Democratic candidates are faring against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Sanders is favored over Trump by a 60 percent to 31 percent margin among those polled; Clinton was leading Trump by a 53 percent to 34 percent margin.

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