Bill Would Regulate “Wild West” of Medical Pot

The "wild west" of medical marijuana dispensaries could be coming to an end in California.

State lawmakers are working on a bill that would ban medical marijuana dispensaries  from operating within 600 feet of residential areas.

Anaheim City Councilwoman Kris Murray, who is pushing the measure, told the Los Angeles Times that some California residents don't feel safe on their own streets anymore.

Sen. Doug La Malfa said the 1996 ballot measure permitting medical marijuana sales has created a "wild west" in the industry and legislators have been trying to catch up.

In San Jose, the city had conversations of using eBay to auction of MCD permits when it talked of reducing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from over 100 to 10.

If passed, the legislation would create buffer zones in residential neighborhoods where medical marijuana clubs would not be allowed to operate. Cities would also be given the power to adopt stricter regulations if they so choose.

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