Bring Your Pink Slips to Downtown San Jose

Pink-slip mixer comes to San Jose, as Valley unemployment rate skyrockets

This party couldn't come at a better time: With Santa Clara County's unemployment rate at a whopping 10.8 percent, tonight's Pink Slip Mixer at First Street Billiards in San Jose hopes to provide a spark.

Especially since the 10.8 percent is almost as high as the state figures. Some 500 people are expected in downtown San Jose, hoping for a jolt, a push -- anything to get back on a company payroll.

There to greet them will be roughly six recruiters. Not a great ratio: Attendees will have 2 minutes to make their sales pitch.

Edwin Duterte, who founded the mixers and takes them statewide, said, "We have two to three events per week. And after each event, roughly 4 to 5 people find jobs."

You may see several city of San Jose employees there, as a few have recently received pink slips themselves. And the city warns more layoffs are looming.

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