Brrrrr: Cold Start to Friday, Frost Found in Fremont


Bay Area residents are waking up to a chilly Friday morning and colder-than-average temperatures.

In Fremont, it was so cold, frost dusted car rooftops. And Gilroy set a cold record at 31 degrees before the sun came up.

Temps also dipped to the 30s in spots from Walnut Creek to San Jose. Mount Hamilton was even covered in a light dusting of snow. And elevations as low as 300 feet, including the East Bay hills, were also frosty before sunrise.

Meteorologist Christina Loren said the weather should warm up later in the day, but not by much. The highs should reach in the low 50s, with a 60 percent chance of rain. Off-and-on patterns of showers should last through Tuesday.

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