Bryan Stow Back in Hospital With Blood Clot

Doctors told his family Thursday night they were surprised the set back hadn't killed him

The San Francisco Giants fan who was severely injured after the 2011 Home Opener against the Dodgers in Los Angeles has suffered a medical set back, according to his family.

His family wrote on their web page Friday that Bryan Stow is back in the hospital because of a "large blood clot."

Stow is the Giants fan who was attacked in the parking lot at the end of the game and suffered permanent brain damage.

The family said the clot is from his thigh to his pelvis. 

It's put him in the hospital twice in the past week. Blood thinners were administered during the first trip to the hospital. He was released only to return by ambulance two days ago.

His family said he had something placed in his abdomen that is supposed to filter clots from breaking off and going into his lungs. Doctors also injected medicine internally that is supposed to help dissolve the clot and prevent any others.

Stow is expected to be in the hospital at least through the weekend.

"Needless to say, we are scared and worried. We thought we were past the point of being afraid of Bryan even surviving," the family wrote in their update.

They said the doctor told them Thursday night due to the size and hardness of the clot, he was surprised it didn’t kill Stow.

The family said Stow is aware of what’s going on, and they say he’s scared.  "We have always tried to shield him from knowing too many of these hard details, but now we just have to deal with it with him and try to stay positive," the family said.

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