Bryman College in San Jose Opens After 2-Day Eviction

Bryman College students returned to class at the San Jose campus Wednesday, after they had found "no trespassing" signs there earlier this week when the vocational school was unexpectedly evicted.

It was a welcome sight for those who paid tuition at Bryman, and then found the doors closed without explanation on Monday and Tuesday. A handful of students showed up for a 6 a.m. class, but neither they nor a teacher wanted to comment publicly.

On Tuesday, Robert Baker, an attorney for BioHealth College, the school's parent company, refused to comment on the sudden closure. He would only say "there was a dispute with the landlord and we expect everything will be resolved later today."

Apparently, a dispute over rent had been resolved.

Meanwhile, Mark Carlquist, an attorney representing the property owner, told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday that  BioHealth College owed at least $80,000 in past due rent. He also said eviction proceedings started in February and Monday's shut down was the fourth time the tenant had received an eviction date.

Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies posted eviction notices on the classrooms on Monday. In addition, locks for all doors on campus were changed. The school for medical, dental and other technicians remained closed Tuesday.

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