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Presidential Election Aftermath Spurs Cal-Exit Dreams

Some California voters are so disgusted with the presidential election outcome, they want the state to leave the union.

The post-election outrage from some has sparked an online movement to secede from the United States, in effect making California it's own nation in what some are dubbing a Cal-exit.

"I would sign my name on it, definitely," Berkeley resident Joy Hwang said. "I was just telling my friend I hope and pray it comes true."

One group called Yes California is planning the Cal-exit by trying to qualify an intiative for the 2018 ballot.

"That's crazy; that's just beyond imaginable," Matt Bufka, of Daly City, said.

Law professors said the vote wouldn't work because a secession requires a constitutional amendment from Congress, with two-thirds support.

"So it's not California at all that makes the decision; it's really the entire United States," legal expert Margaret Russell said. "And I just can't imagine any reason why the rest of the United States would be interested in that."

So while it's not likely, it is possible, and that keeps some hopes alive.

"A poll can one day turn into a movement," Hwang said. "So I think it's the start of something big."

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