California Dubbed Fourth-Worst State to Drive in: Report

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This probably comes as absolutely no surprise to drivers in the Golden State.

California has been named the fourth-worst state to drive in, according to WalletHub's 2020 breakdown of the best and worst driving states.

In its report released Tuesday, WalletHub compared driving experiences across all 50 states by looking at 31 factors, including time spent in rush hour traffic, car theft rates, average gas prices, road quality and auto maintenance costs.

California was found to have the highest percentage of rush hour traffic congestion, the second-highest average gas prices and the fifth-highest car theft rate, according to WalletHub.

On a positive note, California was said to have the fewest days with precipitation, the most auto repair shops per capita and the most car washes per capita, WalletHub reported.

Looking for the best driving experience in the United States? Try Iowa. The Hawkeye State was dubbed the best state to drive in this year, followed by Tennessee and North Carolina, respectively.

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