California Dumps on Target Over Trash

California is trashing Target Corp., the state's beloved anti-Walmart, over allegations of improperly dumping dangerous garbage.

Attorney General Jerry Brown, along with nearly two dozen other district attorneys across the state accuses the chain of "unlawful management and disposal of hazardous waste."

Basically, the lawsuit claims that more than 200 Target stores don't throw stuff away in the correct and legal manner.

Kmart recently settled similar charges for $8.65 million.

The trash in question includes bleaches, pool chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers, paints and varnishes, lamp oil and other ignitable liquids, aerosol products, oven cleaners and various other cleaning agents, automotive products and solvents, as well as other flammable and corrosive materials.

Just like at home, some of above list will spill, break, expire or become damaged enough so that it can't be used. 

The suit says the collective volume of hazardous waste generated by Target facilities is "significant."

It claims Target failed to dispose of it correctly for the past eight years. 

A Target spokesperson said the company was disappointed with the attorney general's decision and added that its waste program surpasses what is required by the state.

The lawsuit would "require Target to immediately comply with California law and start using a licensed hazardous waste hauler to pick up the waste and transport it to a hazardous waste disposal facility."

The suit seeks $25,000 for each violation -- a bill which could pile up faster than trash at a landfill if the state can back up its charges.

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