Calif. Woman Sues Nestle Over Tainted Cookie Dough

Company recalled raw cookie dough products

Jillian Collins got sick after she ate raw cookie dough. So sick, in fact, that she was rushed to the emergency room and had to be hospitalized for a week.

The 18-year-old San Mateo woman is among 65 people in 29 states who reported getting sick with E. coli after eating the raw dough made by Nestle USA Inc.

Collins filed a lawsuit against the company on Monday, the Contra Costa Times reports. The suit claims Collins started having severe stomach pains and bloody diarrhea a few days she ate the raw dough at the end of May.

"We haven't reviewed the suit, so (we) can offer no comment on it," Nestle spokeswoman Laurie MacDonald said, "but we're obviously very concerned about those who have become ill and also grateful to know that they are recovering."

The company issued a voluntary recall on Friday for several of its raw cookie dough products.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

The attorney representing Collins is also representing people from Texas, Colorado, New Hampshire and Colorado.

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