Can Apple Work Its Magic With a Multi-Touch Revision of the IMac?

Apple has a knack for taking concepts that weren't exactly blockbusters and knocking them out of the park. The iPad wasn't the first tablet on the block, for instance, but now it's to tablets what the iPod is to the MP3 player. Can Apple do the same to all-in-one, multi-touch computers?

In its current form, adding a multi-touch display to the iMac would essentially make it the same thing as an HP TouchSmart. HP was first to get into the all-in-one touchscreen game years to go and has advertised the TouchSmart pretty aggressively, but — think about it — did it really leave an impression on you?

Of course, Apple has made no official announcements that a multi-touch iMac is on the way. However, it's a rumor that keeps cropping up, and one that's getting fueled again by a report from DigiTimes:

The new iMac is rumored to have a good vertical and horizontal viewing angle, and its projected capacitive touch panel will adopt a one-glass solution, which integrates the touch sensor and cover glass, to reduce thickness and weight.

It'll be interesting to see if Apple tries to do something new with desktop multi-touch computing and land with a bang, or apply it as a simple update and let the iMac squeak along.

DigiTimes, via The Register UK

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