Cardboard Turns to Bugs, Birds and Brains

Patrick Segui makes beautiful dioramas and shadow boxes mostly of cardboard.

"A cabinet extraordinaire of natures oddities... a phantasmagorical display of a mad man's private collection."

This describes the theme for Patrick Segui's show at the Shooting Gallery, which is up for only a few more days, closing on Thursday, March 5th, 2009.

Segui takes vintage and recycled material to create beautiful dioramas, shadow boxes, and collages that are so intricately rendered, you wouldn't believe that a large majority of the medium used to create these pieces is cardboard.

Segui will be following up his show at the Shooting Gallery with an showing at famed Los Angele gallery La Luz de Jesus, as well as a showing in Austin, Texas' South by South West festival in mid-March.

 Josh Keppel has been shooting and editing tv news stories since he was 19 years old, and is now trying to save his job by contributing more and more content on the web.

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