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Caught on Cam: SF Muni Driver Under Investigation After Using N-Word on Woman

SFMTA has not released the name of the operator, who is on paid adminsitrative leave until the investigation is completed

A San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency operator is on paid administrative leave after he was recorded making racist remarks to a woman who was trying to park her car downtown.

The video, posted by Mayra Villarreal on Facebook Monday morning, has been viewed nearly 25,000 times as of 6 p.m. and generated some strong reaction from viewers. (Warning, the video contains graphic content.)

“Racist, ignorant, MUNI bus driver gets mad at me for taking an open parking spot! This happened today, People like this make me sick!” Villarreal wrote.

The video shows an SF Muni operator in uniform pulling up next to Villarreal’s car, and then telling her: “I was waiting. You’re just a n____r, that’s OK, that’s fine.”

“I’m a what?” Villarreal asks him.

“You’re a n_____r,” he says, to which she replies, “I’m not even black.”

The operator then says, “You stole my space ... You’re a gangb_____.”

Villarreal then says: "Sir, this is downtown, if you see a space you take it."

A few seconds later, the man backs up in his car and says something, at which point Villarreal asks him: “Are you threatening me? ... Well I have your license plate, and I have your face... Have a good day, sir."

Villarreal says in her Facebook post that she reported the incident to the SFMTA HR department. Attempts to contact her for comment were not immediately successful.

The San Francisco Examiner first reported the investigation, which SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose later confirmed.

Rose said that the agency found out about the incident Monday morning.

"We worked to identify the operator involved," Rose said. "While the matter is still under investigation, we are taking immediate and corrective action. We take this very seriously and this is not representative of the transit operator workforce ... This is unacceptable behavior."

SFMTA has not released the name of the operator, who Rose said is on paid adminstrative leave until the investigation is completed.

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