Caught on Camera: Thieves Steal Work Equipment From Concord Man's Truck

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A Concord man is sending a warning to the community after his dash cam caught the moment two people broke into his work truck and stole thousands of dollars worth of tools. 

“My camera works like 24/7 surveillance even when the truck is off,” he said. “For me not to have my tools it prevents me from making money.”

Concord police said the city is not immune from the escalating problem of brazen car break-ins, catalytic converter thefts and property crimes.

It’s an issue in the city and in many others around the Bay Area.

Alameda County Sheriff Lt. Ray Kelly says work trucks seem to be a target for thieves in his county.

“The governor and the attorney general have put out some grants to help with these property related crimes. We'll be applying for those grants,” said Kelly.

Damian is in the process of reporting the crime to police. 

In the meantime, he posted it on his Neighborhood app.

Someone reached out to him and said they recognized at least one of the men and he hopes that will help police catch them.

“It’s not about the stolen stuff, someone could get hurt,” said Damian.

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