Celebratory Sideshows Take Over Oakland Streets, Arrests Made

While euphoric fans swarmed Bay Area streets Monday night following the Golden State Warriors' title-clinching victory, not everyone followed the law.

About a half-dozen people in Oakland and San Francisco were arrested for taking part in a range of illegal or violent behavior ranging from sideshows to throwing objects at officers, according to police.

An estimated 400 to 500 people participated in or watched sideshows take over east Oakland city streets, according to police. The activity, which also included people throwing rocks and bottles at police, prompted officers to detain about 100 vehicles. More than 40 citations were handed out and 30 cars were towed.

In the downtown Oakland area, approximately 1,000 fans danced with glee in city intersections as honking cars cruised by. The crowd remained fairly calm and orderly, but there was one report of a person's car, which was parked along the 1600 block of Telegraph Avenue, being damaged after fans jumped on top of it.

One officer was injured amid the hours-long celebrations in the East Bay city, according to police. A person reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol collided with the officer. The officer was transported to the hospital and listed in stable condition. The driver was arrested.

In total, less than six people were arrested by Oakland officers Monday night. Police are still trying to determine if they were related to the championship celebrations.

Police in Oakland also received scattered calls about fireworks and celebratory gunfire.

In San Francisco, police dealt with three separate celebration crowds, two of which featured dangerous activity, according to police.

Small fires were ignited outside the Alama Drafthouse Cinema-Mission Theatre, and officers reported being targeted by people throwing bottles. Police deployed bean bags against those throwing objects, and they arrested one person for breaking the window of a police car.

Another crowd near 16th and Valencia Streets was also reported to be throwing bottles at officers, according to police.

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