Dog Park in Fremont Closed Amid Possible Bacteria Concern

Crews in Fremont are taking extra precautions Wednesday in response to a dog park being possibly contaminated with a form of bacteria, according to police.

Officials on Monday were notified that a dog that routinely visits the Central Park Dog Park, which is located at 1740 Stevenson Blvd., may have contracted Leptospirosis, police said.

Leptospirosis, which typically lives in water and soil, can be spread through the urine of infected animals as well as through stagnant water, police said. Humans can also be infected with the bacteria.

Signs of symptoms of Leptospirosis include fever, shivering, muscle tenderness, vomiting and diarrhea. A vaccine is available for Leptospirosis. 

Police have not been able to confirm if the dog was sickened at the park or if the dog was sickened at all, but they said teams will be taking extra precautions with additional cleaning. The park, which was already scheduled to be closed this week for routine cleaning and maintenance, will remain closed until the extra cleaning is complete.

Concerned pet owners are encouraged to contact their veterinarian if they have any questions about possible contact with the bacteria. 

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