CHP Cracks Down on Drunk Drivers Over Holiday Weekend

With the start of the holiday weekend, California Highway Patrol will be out in force looking drunk drivers. It's part of a campaign that goes through New Year’s Day at 2 a.m. 

CHP Officer Victor Garrido is one of many officers who will be trying to keep drunk drivers off the road. Friday, he let NBC Bay Area ride along with him as the CHP gets its maximum enforcement weekend under way. 

“We see most of our DUI arrests in the evening times or early mornings, but that doesn't mean that we're not looking all day long,” Garrido said. “If we see somebody that's driving within the slow lane and partially in the shoulder for let’s say three to five seconds, then we probably want to stop that person and find out if they're OK to drive.”
The checkpoints and the crackdown will continue until before midnight on New Year's Day.
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