CHP Searching For Suspect Throwing Objects at Cars Near Gilroy

The California Highway Patrol is asking for help identifying a suspect who has been throwing objects at vehicles on state Highway 152 near Gilroy over the last year.

Officers said they are investigating several incidents between Casa De Fruta Parkway and Dinosaur Point Road between February 2018 and 2019. The CHP did not specify what types of object were thrown, or whether there was any damage to vehicles.

Nicole Angeles of Gustine was returning from a day at Casa de Fruta, near Hollister, with her family, driving on Pacheco Pass when a man ran onto the highway and hurled a rock at their van.

"We pulled over and saw that our son, who's 4 and was in a carseat, had glass all over him," Angeles said. "We realized when we got out, he threw something at us."

The rock shattered their window and dented the car. They noticed seven other cars pulled over at the same spot and found they too were victims of a malicious rock thrower.

"My kids are still scared of driving on that roadway," Angeles said. "When I made my Facebook post explaining what happened, people came forward from months before that were saying they were hit on Pacheco Pass in the same area."

The suspect is described as a middle-aged man with a thin build and shoulder-length hair, and was reportedly throwing the objects during the evening and nighttime hours.

Anyone whose car may have been struck by an object is asked to report the incident to Officer Amy Tritenbach at (408) 848-2324 or ktritenbach@chp.ca.gov. Members of the public with information about the suspect are also asked to come forward.

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