City Throws “Illegal” Rooftop Bar Another Lifeline

Medjool gets another vote in its favor to stay open, for the time being

The City is going to let Medjool live another for another day.

The rooftop bar with nine lives survived another vote to keep its "illegal" bar open to the public. The Board of Appeals voted Wednesday 3-2 to "reconsider the matter." The reprieve comes with conditions, of course.

The Planning Commission will review plans to redesign and soundproof the area -- you may recall some neighboring monks who complained the noise interfered with their chanting.

Residents complaints led the City to discover a year ago that the rooftop bar actually should not be open.

In all the confusion about whether the bar should stay or go, a zoning ordinance was discovered showing bars and restaurants were not suppose to be above the second floor of a building in the neighborhood.

Despite the discovery, and the months of non-compliance, Medjool will not face any fines because the City says the restaurant and bar is trying to address the issues.

Meanwhile the famed hangout of Mayor Gavin Newsom is not even the only rooftop bar in San Francisco anymore.

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