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Cleaning Up: Del Monte Works to Cut Down on Food Waste

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It's one of the Bay Area's oldest companies, it has a lab, and it's working to go green.

No, it's not HP or Intel. 

We're talking about Del Monte Foods.

Fighting against the 1.4 billion pounds of global food waste each year, Del Monte is packaging up all the small pieces of food that don't make it into the store, and sending it to food banks.

This both cuts back on the amount of food that ends up in landfills creating methane gas, and helps foodbanks, and people who need it most.

"We offer that to Feeding America, to help fight hunger globally and across the US," said Del Monte CEO Greg Longstreet. "We donated 7.7 million pounds of food to Feeding America, just in this past year."

Longstreet said Del Monte is also cutting its plastic use by 33%, so more of its packaging is recyclable.

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