climate in crisis

Climate in Crisis: Pandemic Waste Filling Landfills

NBC Universal, Inc.

New data shows the toll medical waste is having on the environment during the pandemic. The World Health Organization says that many medical facilities are improperly disposing materials like masks, gloves and needles, much of it now in landfills with staggering numbers.

An estimated 87,000 tons of personal protective equipment, 2,600 tons of plastic from test kits, and 143 tons of syringes, needles, and safety boxes are in landfills. And this doesn’t include the pandemic waste from the general public.

Masks are ending up in oceans, in wildlife habitats, and even littering the streets.

Experts point out solutions for protecting ourselves from disease while not harming the Earth such as eco-friendly packaging, safe and reusable PPE, recyclable or biodegradable materials, and non-burn waste technology.

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