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Electric Version of Ford F-150 Trucks Coming Next Year

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When it comes to fighting climate change, we often hear that we have to change our cars, specifically our trucks, because they pollute so much.  

Well now, the number one selling vehicle in America has gone electric.

That number one vehicle is the 2020 Ford F-150 Lightning Truck, coming next year in an electric version starting at $40,000,   

"We really don't see this as a niche play, this is mass market, targeted to a broad audience,” said Jason Turnbull, F-150 Lightning marketing manager. “If we can get truckers to go electric, we can get a lot more customers as well."

At campbell-based Chargepoint, they're already seeing higher demand for EV chargers as more electric cars hit the road.

"Every electric vehicle that hits the road makes a difference," said Colleen Jansen of Chargepoint.

Add in trucks, they say, and you likely turbocharge the adoption of emission free vehicles on the road.

"A lot of work vehicles are pickup trucks, and so that could be everything from the local repair person to fleets." 

More chances to go green are coming soon. 

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