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Cold Case From 1982 of Missing Fremont Boy Now Considered Suspicious: Police

Fremont police have reopened a cold case for Daniel Naylor, a 14-year-old boy who went missing in October 1982.

The boy was considered a runaway until police found new evidence that may bring the case to a different conclusion. Fremont police -- after re-interviewing family members -- recently executed a search warrant at the house the boy was last seen leaving 33 years ago on Nightengale Place.

The police search in December also included digging up the backyard.

Police investigating the case were initially told Daniel had an argument with his father and left, never to be seen again.

Fremont police said late Monday their interviewing of family members and inconsistencies in some of their statements make investigators uncertain Daniel ran away.

Shortly after the boy vanished, his bicycle was found along the Alameda County Creek trail. A month later, someone got into the family home and took all of Daniel's belongings, police said.

After an age-rendering sketch was made public this past summer of what Daniel may look like today, police were told of a man who looked similar living in Folsom.

While the man in Folsom was not Daniel, Fremont police did revisit the case and found enough unsettling information to reopen it.

"I'm very surprised that the family is being investigated," neighbor Mike Burke said. "All the information we knew about the case we assumed, like everyone else in the community, that Danny had run away."

Fliers have also been distributed recently, which included pictures of Daniel, an effort to hopefully job the memories about a boy whose disappearance more than three decades ago is now considered suspicious.

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