Controversial Ruling Ruins McClymonds High School Football Team's Undefeated Record

A Bay Area football team had a perfect record, but the record is no longer perfect. Not because the team lost any games -- it's because of a controversial court ruling.

The ruling involves a transfer student and his residency and the potential victims in this case could be the entire team.

"Until now this is our year to bank," said La Vance Warren, a star running back for McClymonds High School in West Oakland. "Taking that away is terrible."

The California Interscholastic Federation got involved at the beginning of the year when a junior quarterback from wealthy San Ramon Valley transferred to McClymonds High -- a school known for athletics and not its wealth.

According to court documents, a state commissioner got an anonymous tip saying that even though the transfer was approved, the student did not live in the district.

"So investigators staked out both properties -- the one in Danville as well as the one in West Oakland -- and made the determination that the primary residence is not the West Oakland property," said Troy Flint, Oakland Unified School District spokesperson.

The commission then ruled the quarterback ineligible, which meant the four winning games he played in had to be forfeited. McClymond's undefeated 12-0 record is now 8-4.

"Another major consideration is a California Interscholastic rule that you can not make transfer primarily for athletic reasons," Flint said.

A major blow to football players who love the game and avoided the pitfall that could have come their way.

Kelton Runnels, a star defensive tackle on the team, has been accepted to Harvard.

"We spend more time with each other than we do with our own families," Runnels said.

A hearing on the case is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on Sunday, when a final decision is expected to be made.

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